Updating BrendaKayMiller.com

My new teaching theme is “Music Teaching from the Heart” highlighted with this photo by Maria Hubeaut. For this Holiday Season however, I am saying “Music Teaching with the Holidays at Heart” and offering a delightful discount for  a 1/2 hour  introductory lesson and 4 hour lessons over a 5 week period for $175 running to begin November 20, 2014 and running as a one time 5 week special through January 20, 2015. The special must begin on or before January 20, 2015 for this one time holiday 5 week package. In fact, the discount is actually $100 off those single lessons which would cost $35 for the single 1/2 hour and $240 for 4 single hour lessons. Wow! That’s also $25 less than buying 4 weeks of 1 hour lessons for the discounted price of $200 and an introductory free lesson. Click on my Newsletter No. 23 page for other single and discounted 4 week cards and more news. Hope your Holiday Season is a Very Merry One!!!